A Few Tips When Doing Your Own Research

Tip #1:

All of the sources of information (except for books I purchased) were free.

And even the books could probably be obtained freely from the library.  I encourage you do to your own research and your own reading if you can. If you can access the Internet, you can access nearly all of the research I based the book on.

Tip #2: 

Most of the research and journal articles referenced in the book were originally found through Google scholar.

This is an incredible free resource that can be accessed by anyone online, with no password or credentials. I’ve included links to some of the research in the book but if you find that a link is broken, you may be able to track the research down yourself through Google.

Simply search for the name of the article, the author or the keyword. Abstracts (summaries) of research are always accessible and free. You can often find the entire piece of research for free if you dig a little more deeply, starting with Google Scholar here: http://scholar.google.com/

Tip #3:

When I search for a specific report in Google Scholar, sometimes in the results it will show a small link to ‘All 5 Versions’.

If you click on that link, it will show you several places on the web where that same report may be available. I have found that both ‘ncbi.nlm.nih.gov’ and ‘researchgate.net’ often have full, free versions of research available.