About A Prescription for Alcoholics

alcoholism-treatment3There are FDA-approved drugs that treat alcoholism.

For decades, hundreds of research studies conducted by leading scientists and scientific institutions have shown that medications can safely reduce drinking, decrease cravings and lengthen abstinence in alcoholics.

But those who desperately need these medications haven’t been told about them. Until now.

Finally, the first book about medication assisted treatment of alcoholism.

Tools & Resources:

  • Everything you & your doctor need to know to start treatment with medication.
  • 100’s of detailed pages of research findings on drugs shown to help fight alcoholism.
  • Answers to important questions on safety, liver toxicity, side effects, dosage & more.

Learn About:

  • Effective medications such as: acamprosate, baclofen, topiramate, naltrexone, nalmefene, gabpentin, ondansetron, varenicline, disulfiram, prazosin, zonisamide, olanzapine, sertraline and more.
  • Why 12-step programs are not supported by 12st-centruy evidence-based medicine; and why doctors prescribe it anyway.

New Insights:

  • Several popular antidepressants may increase drinking in some alcoholics.
  • How alcoholism erodes the neurocircuitry of self-control.
  • why treatment with medication should be a first step, not a last resort.
  • Goals: why reduction or abstinence are both medically-supported options.


  • Based on the work of the worlds’ top addiction research scientists.

More Information:

  • More Information on purchasing the book is found here.


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