A Prescription for Alcoholics – Medications for Alcoholism includes extensive information on over 14 different FDA-approved medications which have been shown to help alcoholics.

It’s an easy read – written in plain English, but it is based on hundreds of pieces of published medical literature.

The book also:

  • Lists and gives brief descriptions of over 60 medications that have shown some promise in pre-clinical tests.
  • Provides information about some medications (a few of which are common antidepressants – SSRIs) – which have been seen to increase drinking in alcoholics.
  • Includes list of key journal articles (organized by medication) you can bring to your doctor.
  • Summarizes the highlights of important research for each medication, and more information such as dosage amounts, side effects, liver health considerations and much more.

You can see an example of this type of content at the end of the free chapter I’ll email to you which includes the section on the book about the medication acamprosate.

A few of the journal articles can be accessed on this page.

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